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Graphics Card PNY Quadro P4000 8GB

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The World’s Most Powerful Single Slot Professional Graphics Card

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Pascal GPU Architecture

Based on state-of-the-art 16nm FinFET Plus process technology to pack over 7 billion transistors and 1792 CUDA cores and up to 5.3 TFLOPs1 of single precision compute power. The NVIDIA Quadro P4000 graphics board is the industry’s most dominant single-slot form factor graphics board, which is for computationally demanding design visualization or immersive design reviews. Get real interactive experience with today’s demanding professional workflows.

Simultaneous Multi-Projection

Complete stereo rendering of geometry in a single pass to double the effective throughput for applications such as VR.

Pascal Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamically allocate GPU resources for graphics and compute tasks as needed to maximize resource utilization.

Pascal Graphics Preemption

First ever pixel level preemption provides more granular control to better support time-sensitive tasks such as VR motion tracking.

Pascal Compute Preemption

Preemption at the thread and instruction level provides finer grain control over compute tasks.

H.264 and HEVC Encode/Decode Engines

Deliver faster than real-time performance for transcoding, video editing, and other encoding applications with one dedicated H.264 and HEVC encode engines and a dedicated decode engine that are independent of 3D/compute pipeline.

NVIDIA GPU Boost 3.0

Achieve higher application performance without exceeding the power and thermal envelope of the board. Pascal GPU technology maximizes the boost potential of the GPU.

Additional information

GPU Memory


Memory Bandwidth

243 GB/Sec

Memory Interface


Display Connectors

DisplayPort 1.4 (4)

CUDA Cores


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