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Desktop HP Thin Client T620 DC 4GB 16GB Hdd W7 Pro

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Get a powerful and seamless desktop experience, enhanced security features, and premium client virtualization from the HP t620 Flexible Series Thin Client.

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Get flexibility where you need it.

Customize your thin client with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Choose the configuration options and expansion capabilities that best fit your business and help ensure an ideal end user experience.

Tailor your hardware and software performance to your exact requirements.

Configure your deployment to provide a powerful seamless desktop experience for your end users without exceeding your budget.

Customize security the way you want.

Help protect your thin client environment with integrated and optional hardware and software security solutions, including: HP BIOS implemented to NIST guidelines, a TPM chipset, Fiber NIC communications, and lockable covers and ports.

Designed to give you peace of mind.

Reduce desktop service calls and product refreshes with a completely redesigned chassis that includes advanced passive cooling for fan-less support of quad-core processors.1

Key Features

Integrated, complete peripheral support.

Choose from a range of ports to support your business now and in the future.

Reliable connectivity options.

Pick the technology that’s best for you—choose from two optional enterprise-class, factory-installed Wi-Fi NICs with internal antennas or optional integrated HP 100 Mbps Mini PCIe SC Fiber NIC.

Drive up to four displays.

Support single, dual or quad digital display setups, or choose legacy VGA.

High-performance processors.

Choose the dual-or quad-core AMD GX processor and AMD HD professional graphics combination best suited to your business.

Software with HP extras.

Pick the HP enhanced OS environment that’s ideal for your budget and performance requirements.

Virtualization for power users.

Get high-fidelity, no-hassle connectivity to your virtualized desktops and applications with the latest client software and certifications from Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft.

IT’s best friend.

Cure IT headaches and manage and deploy thin clients with no hassles with HP Device Manager.

High quality LAN-like data delivery.

Improve network performance and the end-user experience with HP Velocity software.

Protect your investment.

Provide a secure thin computing environment with a range of hardware and software security features.

Better anywhere.

Order products worldwide with local configurations and support through the Global Series Program that helps ensure consistent deployments around the world.

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16GB Hdd

Operating System

Windows Embedded Standard 7E

Processor Core:


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